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Introducing The
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Hi! My name is Letitia Richardson and I'm the owner and writer of My own struggle with weight and my passion for hooping led me to start this website.

My Personal Struggle With The Bulge!

I have never experienced any weight issues, until after I turned the big 3-0. Before then I was pretty slim. I remember back in high school I ran a lot (track), which kept me in shape. Once I hit my twenties, I would gain a few pounds, but I had no problem loosing them. I guess I still had a high metabolism back then. :-)

But after I turned 30, that all changed. My metabolism was slowing down and due to added stress life was throwing my way, I gained extra pounds - mainly in stomach, thighs, and butt areas. The pounds slowly crept up on me. Even though I was exercising and doing situps and crunches (which by the way - I hate, urrg!!) nothing worked. My stomach got bigger, my waistline was getting bigger.

I didn't understand that spot-toning did not work. You have to do cardio in order to burn the fat off the stomach. I bought several Aerobic DVDs so I could work out at home. But, I found it to be boring jumping around my apartment. And besides, I didn't have enough room to do the aerobics routines. So, I gave up.

I started doing some strength training about 3 times a week. I beganned to see some reshaping of my body, but I still had a problem with my core area. I tried Pilates - I was able to gain flexibility, but it did very little for my stomach.

Now, I'm in my early 40's and have been educating myself on the importance of cardio and diet to lose weight. I found that there is a massive misconception in the fitness world that you have to do situps and crunches in order to tone your abs. Wrong. Going back to my early years in high school and my twenties, I ran a lot which kept the weight off. As a result, I was able have a slim waistline and a flat stomach.

But since I'm not the young teenager any more and no longer in my twenties, I have to find other ways to do cardio. You see as you get older, running may not be a good choice because of the constant jarring your knees. I still manage to get a good run every now and then, but not like I use to. I sometimes get bored doing the same old thing all the time, so I like to find fun ways to get up and get in a good work out.

Why Cardio Exercise and Diet Is So Important for Your Stomach!

No matter how many crunches you do, if you have a layer of fat over your abs you will never see them. The only way you will create some visible abs is to concentrate on loosing the weight. And the best way to loose the weight is by eating a clean healthy diet and incorporating some cardio exercise.

I realized the mistake I made when I was trying to loose my stomach fat. My diet was not clean. Even though I was exercising I did not see the desired results because I was not eating right. Some people think, "Well, if I workout at the gym three or four times a week I don't have to worry about my diet... I can pretty much eat what I want." The problem with that is... it doesn't work. You only end up sabotaging what you work so hard for. Eating the right foods is just as important to losing weight.

At Last...A Cardio Workout That is Fun!

So, exactly how did I get into hooping? Well, a friend of mine introduced me to hooping about one year ago. I noticed she lost a lot of weight and was sporting slimmer waist and a flat stomach. I wanted to know how she did it. When I asked, she simply replied "Oh, I bought one of those weighted hula hoops and started using it along with my normal exercise routine.

I had never heard of a weighted hula hoop. And I didn't see how it could help me loose weight and tone up my core. I was amazed at the results. I thought "What the heck! What do I have to loose? Except for some unsightly love handles." So, I broke down and bought one from a Sporting good store. It was one of those collapsible hula hoops that you have to put together. It was larger than the kiddie ones I played with as a child and it weighted about 3lbs. They are known as exercise hoops for adults.

The first week of hooping was a challenge for me. The first few days consisted of clumsy practice sessions. I had trouble keeping the hula hoop up around my waist. It felt a bit awkward at first. Mine you, the last time I picked up a hula hoop was when I was a child. So I had to learn all over again.

My 16-year old niece saw my hula hoop, pick it up and twirl it around her waist like a pro. She managed to keep it up for 5 minutes. I was inspired to keep trying and that I did. By the third day, I had it down! I started out hooping for a few minutes up to about 10 minutes a day. After few weeks, I noticed my waist beganned to slim up. After one month of hooping and eating a clean diet, I was able to fit in a pair of jeans, which I had trouble fitting around my waist.

So now I am hooked on hooping. :-)

When ever I'm stressed and need to relieve some tension in my body, I pick up my exercise hoop and start hooping. Hooping is really a great cardio-core workout all in one. You not only work the muscles in your stomach, but your butt and thigh muscles, also, get a good workout. I'm now working out to a hoopdance DVD by HoopGirls. It's fun and you will work-up a sweat!!

Thanks for stopping by! I will be updating my website from time to time. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to let me know by completing the contact form below.

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