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Hoopnotica Fitness: Learn to Hoop Dance Like a Professional

Everyone has a different learning style when it comes to learning hoop dance moves. Some people learn by following along while watching a workout routine. While others like a more structured approach where there are step-by-step instructions.  Because I am an analytical type person, I happen to like a more structured approach to learning hoop dance.

That's what I like about Hoopnotica. Their DVDs are more instructional, rather than a workout routine. So, if you like step-by-step instruction on how to hoopdance then you will love Hoopnotica.

Below, I will highlight some of the Hoopnotica DVDs I use to learn some of the most popular hoopdance moves.  Before you know it, you too will be hoop dancing like a professional.

Hoopnotica Fitness Arm Hoop Minis Starter Kit

If you want to get started with arm hooping you can get a Starter kit by Hoopnotica.  The kit include the following.

  • A set of Mini Hoops
  • Newest Mini's DVD
  • Unique gaffers tape makes hooping easy for any level
  • Handmade with Love in the USA

Hoopnotica Fitness Hoopdance Hula Hoop DVD Level 1 (Beginner)

If you are a true beginner - never hooped before and new to hoop dance, then I suggest this video.  I actually purchased this video along with the level 2.  What I like about this video is the format.  It provides a clear and detailed instructions for those new to hooping. I find it to be more of a instructional video, rather than a workout dance video.  The DVD has a troubleshooting section, which I think is pretty neat when you can't get a certain move right.  The video is about 60 minutes long with excellent production.  Most of the moves focuses on both on-the-body(waist, hips) and some off-the-body moves.

Hoopnotica Fitness Hoopdance Hula Hoop DVD Level 2 (Beginner)

Like the first DVD, Level 2 gives clear and detailed instructions.  It builds upon the first DVD.  It's important that you already know how to waist hoop because Level 2 is fast paced compared to the first one.  It comes with the same trouble-shooting steps to help you correct any mistakes.  This DVD goes through a review of some of the moves in the first  DVD.  But, then it focuses more on hooping at an angle, thigh hooping, chest and shoulders and additional corkscrews.

Hoopnotica Fitness Hoopdance Hula Hoop DVD Level 3 (Intermediate)

You will learn a lot from this DVD.  What I like about this DVD is the fact that I can get ideas and put them to practice.  The instructions for learning the moves are very clear and concise, just like the first two DVDs.  You will learn such moves as arm weaving, jump through, upper body angles, the spiral and duck outs.  If you like DVD 1 and 2 and have a pretty good grasp of the moves, then you can continue on with DVD 3.

Hoopnotica Fitness Hoopdance Hula Hoop DVD Level 4 (Intermediate)

If you are practicing at the intermediate level, and you are looking for new and challenging moves, then this DVD is for you.  I love how each move is broken down into step-by-step instructions, with slow motion sequences.  Like the first three DVDs, this one also has a troubleshooting feature that ensures you understand the moves more clearly. This DVD focuses on advanced moves: off the body, the drop out, angled corkscrews, the barrel roll, and the vortex... just to name a few.

Hoopnotica Fitness Hula Hoop Minis DVD Level 1

If you want Michelle Obama arms, then you have got to try this DVD.  Yep!  This is the newest Hoopnotica DVD - Mini hooping.  This new form of hooping sculpts and tone the arms, back, chest, and abs.  What will they think of next?  Right?  :-)  It's not only an arm workout, but works the full body giving you sexy definition to the deltoids (cap sleeve muscles) triceps and biceps, lats and sides of your abs.

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