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Hoop to De-stress Yourself and Lose Weight.

How do you de-stress yourself? 

Often times in our daily lives we deal with challenges that can lead to certain level of stress and tension.  If we don't find ways to manage our stress, it can lead to weight gain. 

Most of Us are Emotional Eaters.

Whenever we feel down in the dumps or stressed out, we start craving comfort foods.  We turn to these foods in order to calm our response to stress.  That was my issue a few years ago.

One of the ways I coped with stress was by turning to some of my favorite comfort foods like:  chips, ice cream, and cookies.  I would say to myself, "Okay.  I'm only gonna have a few chips and maybe one or two cookies."  But after the first bite, it's like my taste buds began to beg for more.

As a result,  I would put on a few pounds here and there.  But, at least I felt better :-)

But, since I started hooping a few years back, it has been my favorite way to de-stress and lose those extra pounds and keep them off.  Thank God!

Now, I'm not gonna lie...  I still enjoy eating some of the foods I love, but I just don't go overboard.  It's not a good idea to deprive yourself because that can lead to binge eating. 

Instead, I monitor my portion of whatever I want to eat, whether it's chips or chocolate candy. 

For example, I love chocolate candies like, Hershey kisses.  Especially the ones with almonds in the middle :-)  I always pre-portion these out into 100-calorie packs of snacks to provide me instant satisfaction when I'm feeling stressed. 

That's why it's called comfort food.  Whenever we're stressed, anxious, or tense, these foods can have a soothing effect on your emotions - especially chocolate.  There is nothing wrong with eating some of your favorites treats.  You just have to watch the amount you eat.  Moderation is key.

Choose a Fun and Healthy Way to Destress.

Hula Hooping is a fun and healthy way to reduce stress and lose weight.  Like any exercise, hooping helps to boost endorphin (you know... the feel good hormone) and reduce stress. 

And guess what?

It only takes about 10 to 20 minutes of hooping each day to experience this benefit.  So if you are having a hard time losing some weight and need to get a grip on your emotions, start hooping. 

If you need some inspiration, check out this video below.  This woman lost 171lbs by changing her diet and keeping the weight off by hooping.  Enjoy!!

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