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Hoop Dance Party

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Are you planning a party? Why not throw a hoop dance party? Hooping is a fun way to jazz up any party. It's not just for kids anymore... adults can get in on the fun. If you have a Wii video fitness game, or visit the health clubs regularly,then you already know why hooping is so popular.

With hula hooping becoming a mainstream form of fitness more people are incorporating it in parties. Hoop dance parties can be held at home, company events, street parties and festivals. So why not throw a hoop dance party with fun activities, hooping lessons, tasty food and music?

A Reason to Celebrate

You maybe asking yourself, "Do I really need a reason to have a party?" The answer to that question is... no not really!

There is this misconception that in order to throw a party it must be a special occasion, like holidays, or celebrating an anniversary or someone's birthday. But, there are other reasons to celebrate and have a party.

So if you need an excuse to throw a hoop dance party let me help you out.

1. It's summer let's have a party

2. Independence Day (July 4th)

3. You purchased your first home... it's party time

4. You want to show off your new barbecue grill

5. You finally can fit into those skinny jeans after hooping your way to slimmer you

6. You started an online business that is so successful you are able to quite your 9 to 5 job.

7. You're retiring

8. Girls weekend...

9. I just want to hoop it up like First Lady Michelle Obama :-)

10. Your kid is graduating high school / college

11. It's World Hoop Day

Do You Really Need a Theme for a Party?

Yes. If you are planning a party you need to choose a theme because it will give your party a clear focus. It sets the tone for any celebration giving it some pizzazz! It's best to decide upon a theme early in the planning process. You don't want your party to look like it was planned haphazardly or at the last minute. Once you have chosen a theme you can then incorporate invitations, decorations, food, dress code and party favors.

Choosing a Theme.

Although, planning a party can be fun and exciting it can be stressful if you have no idea which theme to choose. Especially, if you are planning a party for someone else. There are several factors you can consider to spark some ideas.

Think about the occasion. What is the reason for having a party? For example, is this a baby shower, or a bachelorette party? Birthday parties pretty much have theme of its own. But if you keep the occasion in mind it will help you choose a theme that is relevant for your guests.

Consider your guests. Think about the age range and the kind of activities they would be interested in doing. If your guests consist of people of various ages, then you will need to choose a theme that allows a variety of activities. Themes that can fit many age groups are sports theme, circus theme, or luau.

Also, some of your guests may live a fairly conservative lifestyle so you will have to take this into consideration. For example, if you are a type of person who love to party hard but most of your guests are not, then a vegas-themed party would not be appropriate for this group. It's important to choose a theme that fits the personality and lifestyle of your guests.

If you are looking to celebrate the Fall season it's important to consider your guests religious belief. A Halloween party probably would not be a good choice for guests who have a deep religious belief. Instead, you can have a Fall Festival party with a harvest theme or a sports theme like football.

There are other easy ways to choose a theme for your party. For example, when you are out shopping for party wares such as: plates, plastic glasses and napkins you can build a theme around a picture or print on the plates and/or glasses. This will, also, spark some ideas for decorations so everything would tie in together.

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