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Amazing Book About Hooping!

Finally! a fully illustrated book on hooping that puts fun into fitness.

If you want to learn about hooping, I have the perfect book for you to read. When I first came across this book, I didn't think I would get much out of it simply because most books you read about exercise are either boring and a waste of time and money.

But, this book is different. After reading it I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the content. I mean, it is jam-packed with full-colored photographs and is an easy read. The book is titled Hooping: A Revolutionary Fitness Program written by Christabel Zamor. She is the creator of the Hoop Girl Workout, which was approved by the American Aerobic & Fitness Association (AAFA).
That makes her a very credible source on the subject of hoop dance.

What I Like About Hooping: A Revolutionary Fitness Program

First of all, Christabel start's off telling her own personal story about how she discovered hooping and it's health benefits. She then goes into the history and physiology of hooping. I also love the tone of this book because it is very positive. You know how some books are more about instructions, techniques and a lot of babble? Well, this book is not like that. It not only focuses on fitness, but fun and empowerment.

I will admit, there is a lot of content to work through, but it is so well written and beautifully photographed Hooping: A Revolutionary Fitness Program is 210 pages of solid information that is explained in detail using full-color photographs to illustrate each and every move. You will find that it offers so much to learn how to hoop dance. The information is not just for beginners, but it include lots of content for intermediate and advanced hoopers.

I love how each chapter starts out with doing the moves to actually dancing. My favorite part of the book are the personal testimonials from hoopers given there thoughts on how hooping affected their lives. Also, the author adds a nice touch by placing motivational side bars and playlists of music in each chapter.

I thought is was neat that Christabel, presented this book as combo set. It comes with a 50-minute instructional DVD, which includes warm-ups, cool-downs, cardio and a combination of dances. The DVD has basic moves on how to start hooping. It is entry level, which is good for beginners. But, if you want to learn more advanced moves, then stick with the book because it contain lots more than the DVD.

Another thing I really like is the fact that the women in the photo spreads don't look like the models you see on the cover of some fitness magazines. You know.... the ones with the perfect, chiseled mid sections. Well, the women in this book are beautiful and fit, but they also look real.

You really don't have to be afraid to learn how to hoop dance. You can find HoopGirl Workout classes at many health clubs. But if the gym intimidates you, then you can always take the book any where with you and practice. Just get started!

I think Christabel did an excellent job putting this book together. From easy-to-follow moves to sample nutritional smoothies... you will find it in Hooping: A Revolutionary Fitness Program. I recommend you getting this book. After reading it, you will be inspired to get off your butt and start hooping!!! :-)

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