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Hula Hoop Clothes:  Fun, Fashionable Fitness Wear That Matches Your Personality

Are you looking to spice up your hula hoop wear with personality?

Do you want a unique look that sets you apart from everyone else?

Well, look no more because I know just where you can find fashionable, unique fitness wear that are suitable for hula hooping.

When I first started hooping I really didn't give much thought to the kind of clothes I wore.  The only thing I was concerned with was how comfortable my clothes were so I could freely move around while hooping. 

Usually, I would wear something like a T-shirt and some shorts or leggings - depending on the weather.  The clothes I wore were sort of boring looking, but I was a beginner so i was not concerned with the way I looked.  I only concentrated on learning the art of hooping and worry about how I looked, later.

I did try wearing some of those hip-hugging jegging, which are cute, but they kept sliding down.  That can be really embarrassing if you are in a crowd of people :-).  While some hoopers like to wear skirts, I tend to stick to my simple t-shirt and shorts/leggings. 

When I did decide to spice up my clothes just a little, I didn't know where to look.  I wanted fitness wear that were totally unique.  So I started searching online for fitness wear that were fashionable, unique and suitable for hula hooping. 

In this article, I want to share some of the wonderful fitness wear that will have you looking your best during any activity.

Casual Hooping

Okay.  Before we get down to the nitty-gritty lets go over the best kinds of clothes to wear for hula hooping.

For first-time hoopers it's important that you choose the right clothes in addition to the right size hula hoop.  This will make learning to hula hoop much easier.  I can tell you from experience - wearing the wrong type of clothes can, in fact, discourage you from learning the proper way to hula hoop.

For casually hooping around the house or in your back yard, the best type of clothes to wear while hooping are:  short sleeve shirts, stretch pants, bathing suits, and/or midriff tops. 

It's much easier to hoop in natural clothes made from natural fibers (cotton, silk, linen, and hemp) because they cling better to the hoop.  Later, I will tell why I like organic clothes.

Some clothes are not suitable for hooping.  For example, synthetic fabrics and polyester does not allow for the hoop to grab between your body and the hoop, which causes the hoop to slip down your your body.

Also, don't wear jeans or belts because this will get in the way and make it very difficult to keep the hula hoop up around your waist.

Some people say the fewer clothes, the better.  I happen to agree, because if you doing shoulder hooping it's best that you hoop on bare skin.  

Clothes Make The Hooper

As hooping became a part of the mainstream fitness world, it has it's own culture and you see it a lot in the clothes hoopers wear.  If you look around at some of the photos and YouTube videos on the Internet, you can't help but to notice that hooping has it's own style, it's own fashion. 

Some performers have their own hooping wardrobe, like one of my favorite performers - Christabel Zamor's ensemble.  I just love, love, love those flared red pants she is wearing :-).

Some hoop dance clothes are so unique and fashionable, they seem to go right along with the fluid movements you see in hoop dance.  I think a lot of beginners (me included) assume that in order to be a hooper you have to look the part.  I know for me, I didn't start desiring to spice up my hoop wear until after learning some advanced on and off body moves.  I wanted to look and move like a skilled hoop dancer. 

Did I get it right the right the first time?  No, not really.  But hey!  I had fun trying and at least I was looking cute. 

There are some hoop wear that I find a little bit to seductive for my taste.  For an example, I can't see myself wearing a two-piece tribal outfit like the one Christabel was wearing in one of her videos.  But then again, she is a performer and I'm not.  As a performer, what she wears on stage becomes a part of the story she is telling.  So, her clothes will reflect that.

On the other hand, I am more interested in cool looking fitness wear that is suitable for hooping and fits my own personality.  I don't hoop to perform, I do it for fitness.  I like fitness wear that are unique but feels good against my skin while I'm hooping.  

I don't know about you, but I tend to have sensitive skin, so I have find clothes that are made of all-natural fibers.

Going Green - Organic All-Natural Clothes

Organic clothing is the healthiest to wear because they are not made with toxic chemicals like pesticides, dyes, resins and formaldehyde, which can wreak havoc on your skin.  More and more people are becoming aware of the fact that wearing healthy clothes is just as important as eating a clean diet and exercising regularly.

If you have sensitive skin like I do, then you know how important it is to choose healthy workout wear because harmful chemicals can seep into your skin as you workout.  You end up with an allergic reaction like, some type of dermatitis.

I like to wear organic, all-natural clothes, especially fitness clothes because it's better for my skin since I'm  sensitive to the other synthetic fabrics out there.

Eco-friendly Fitness Wear are Fashionable.

If you are thinking about making the switch to organic workout clothes but worry about a decrease in comfort and overall performance, don't be.  Manufacturers of organic workout wear have come a long way in innovating amazing workout wear made of organic cotton and bamboo, which naturally wick moisture away from your skin just like other synthetic fabrics.

All-natural clothes are more comfortable to wear because they are softer and incredibly breathable.

If you want to fabulize your hoop clothes with fitness wear that are unique, Eco-friendly, and have personality of it's own - I found some high quality lesser-known brands whose clothes look great for hooping, yoga, running, and Zumba. 

Two of the brands, "Teeki" and "OmGirl," are organic clothing companies.  "Onzie" and "Electric Yoga" clothes are not all organic, but they are made of wicking performance fabric.  I chose them because of their unique style and fashion. 

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