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How Hooping Improves Body Image

Wow!  I wish I had a body like hers."  Sounds familiar? 

We all struggle with our body image at one time or another.  It's normal to feel good about certain parts of your body and not so good about others.  You know how some days you feel good about yourself but then other times you just feel awkward or uncomfortable in your own body?

Well that's because we are constantly sold this idea that in order to have a healthy body image you have to be thin or have a body like Halle Berry or Beyonce.

Surprisingly, you even see this in some fitness magazines.  You can't help but to think that a healthy body image is the result of being thin and having the perfect shape.  That can be further from the truth.

I feel like they are preying on the human desire to look like the models in those pictures.  I find it to be a bit deceiving because most of those images are photo-shopped.

It is also damaging to our self-esteem and long-term goals to have a healthy body image.

Don't get caught up with this idea.  You can be a full-figure size and still have a
healthy body image.  Or, you can be thin as a fashion model and have an unhealthy, negative body image. 

In this article, I want to share how I found how hooping can improve your body image. 

What is Body Image and Can It be Improved?

According to the National Eating Disorders Association, body image has a lot
to do with the way you feel about your body - your height, shape, and weight.
It can, also, mean how you feel in your body and how you sense and control
your body as you move.

Can we improve our body image?


That's where the benefits of hooping come into play.  In addition to healthy
eating habits and getting plenty of rest, hooping is the perfect exercise to
boost self-esteem, energy levels and self-image.

Falling in Love with Fitness

I never thought I would fall in love with fitness but that's what hooping has done for me.  Hooping is a wonderful low-impact cardio workout that is perfect for any age.  But especially if you are looking for something that is low-impact.  I love the fact that you can add it to any exercise regimen.

When I first started hooping I thought I found the perfect exercise niche because of the many benefits of hula hooping.  After a few weeks I saw my body transformed in ways that goes beyond fitness. 

Not only did I lose a few pounds, but I saw my core area was firming up.  My posture improved and was more aligned, which allowed me to feel confident and strong.

Let me tell ya, when you feel confident about yourself it does not matter whose around you and what they think because you are independent of their opinions of you. 

All you know is how you feel in your body -- and that right there, is all that matters.

Appreciate what your body can do.

Hooping helps you appreciate what your body can do.  If you didn't have arms, legs, neck, and a torso, you wouldn't be able to swing a hoop around your waist and perform many fun on and off-body movements and isolation.

Check out the young lady in this video.  [Click here]

Every time I watch this video I think to myself....  "She is not concerned about the way her body looks not one bit.  No.  She is loving the fact that her body allows her to do those fascinating and hypnotic hoop moves."

Also, the fact that you are able to breath during and after hooping is another wonderful thing to appreciate.  And, your heart rate is pumping more efficiently - pumping blood all through out your body, carrying oxygen to your brain.

What an amazing body you have.

Mind-Body Connection

You hear many hoopers talk about how they experience the mind-body connection when hooping.  Meaning the way your mind, primarily your thoughts, can influence the functioning of your body.  This is nothing new.  We experience mind-body connection every day, we just don't notice it right off.

For example, lets say you are thinking of your favorite food or drink and your mouth waters at the thought, you just experienced the mind-body connection.

Actually, hooping is more like experiencing body-mind connection because exercise helps you feel good by reducing stress and allowing you to unwind.  You can easily hoop away all the negative tensions you had during the day.

Hooping Community

Did you know that keeping positive people around you can also affect your body image?  It's true.  Well, I'm pretty sure you knew that.  But, I just wanted to remind you just how important it is to surround yourself with people who will build you up instead of tearing you down.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not saying you should rely entirely upon others to give you self-worth.  No one can do that.  And you definitely don't need anyone to define you.

But, every now and then, you want to be loved and feel included, Right?  Well, that's what I love about the Hooping Community.  You can visit sites like or and find all kinds of support.  No one will judge you on how you look.

It's fun and you get the chance to get to know some like minded people just like yourself.

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