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Hip Bomp Hula Hoop Trick

If you know how to to the limbo, then you should not have any problems learning how to do the Hip Bomp.

This is another one of those moves where you are hooping diagonally at an angle. It's pretty much the opposite of the booty bump where you bend forward and the hoop slopes at an angle. With this move, you are leaning back and thrusting the hoop up with your hips.

In this video you will see how to do this hooping trick.

How To Combine the Hip Bomp with the Booty Bump

Yes, that's right! You are about to learn how to combine the hip bump with the booty bump.

Come on... you can do this.

Since the hip bomp and the booty bump are two sides of the same coin, it's easy to transition from one move to the next. This next video will show you how to do just that. Check it out.. and get into the flow.

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