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More About Hoop Tape

Want to customize your hoop with the right kind of tape? There are several types of hoop tape to choose from in order to customize your hoop: Vinyl tape, Gaffers tape, Metallic tape, and Prism tape.

What's the difference? Well, this guide will help you understand the difference of each type.

Vinyl Hoop Tape

Every electrician carries vinyl tape in their too boxes. We know it as electrical tape, which is used for electrical insulation and color coding.

Vinyl tape is inexpensive and great for hoop decoration. It's very stretchable, which makes it easy to form around something like a hoop.

The best thing about Vinyl hoop tape is it is truly colorfast and it's smooth finish is easy on the skin. It can be easily wiped clean with a damp clothe. It's ideal for hooping because vinyl tape sticks to your skin and clothes.

The only draw back to using vinyl tape on a hoop is it tends to "creep" back to it's original length after you stretched. This may cause it to come loose from the hoop.

But if you are a beginner and just getting started with hoop decoration, vinyl hoop tape is the way to go. It's cheap costing less than a dollar. And, you can find them any where at places like Walmart, Home Depot or Lowes.

Gaffers Hoop Tape

Gaffers tape is made of a tightly woven cotton fabric, which makes it super coarse and very durable. Gaffers tape is primarily used in audio visual and entertainment production. But, many hoopers like to use it because it is grippy and the best because it sticks to your skin and clothes.

Gaffers tape is made in many bright colors and has a vinyl coating. This makes it color fast and easy to wipe clean.

You can find gaffers tape in different widths. Hoopers primarily use 1/2 inch and 1 inch widths.

Metallic Hoop Tape

If you want to add a little "bling" to your hoop, adding metallic hoop tape will make it shine! Metallic hoop tape is shiny and reflective, leaving trails of color. Yet, it does not stick well to your skin or clothes because it is very slippery. It's only purpose is to make your hoop look cool!!

Metallic Hoop tape usually comes in 1 inch width and various different colors that reflect light as you spin it around your body.

It's easy to decorate your hoop with metallic tape because it's goes on quickly, without dealing with a peel-off paper backing like some other tapes. Once you have applied the tape it will hold in place because metallic tape has a strong adhesive. And because of it's smooth finish, cleaning is a breeze... just wipe it with a damp cloth.

Prism Hoop Tape

Like metallic hoop tape, Prism tape is just for looks. It is shiny and reflective. But it tends to be slippery and does not stick well to your clothing.

Prism tape has a peel-off paper backing, which can get in the way when applying it to your hoop. Other than that, it comes various different colors and makes your hoop pretty.

The Best Tape Combination for Your Hoop.

To give your hoop a custom look, you can combine metallic or prism tape with vinyl and cloth tape.

It's best to put the shiny "Bling" tape in place first and then cover the edges with vinyl or cloth tape. This combination will make your hoop shiny and pretty and grippy.

Happy hoop making!!! :-)

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