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Omgirl Yoga Clothing

Omgirl is another company that makes organic clothing.  The company was created in 1998 to offer clothing to the modern woman.  They create yoga clothing that easily transitioned into every part of your day. 

OmGirl Fashion

OmGirl outfits are every woman's friend because they are slimming and supportive.  Take for an example, their "Nomad Leggings" with the attached skirt.  This style not only creates a layered look, but if you are a pear-shaped woman this will help to camouflage your wide hips.   Very neat idea, if you ask me.  I love the the fact that this company design outfits with a women's curves in mind.

OmGirl, also, offer tank tops that come in really unique designs.  Two of my favorite tanks are:  "OmGirl Women's Bhaki Tank" because of it's flattering slim cut, wide straps and comfortable racer back.  And, "Omgirl Women's Warrior One Cami"  because of it's asymmetric syle. 

Who says you can't look cute while working out.

You can pair these tanks with their capri pants, which come in fun watercolor washes and other cute prints like, tie-dye designs.  OmGirl design their outfits with the same color palette in mind so you can mix and match your favorite yoga tank, workout pants...etc.

Functional Design Features

Omgirl is known for their yoga pants with the thin fold overs that creates a slimming effect for your but and hips.  Many of their bottoms have a cut-to-your-own-length ends, which don't need hemming.

Their clothes can last you for years and can withstand the toughest workouts. Omgirl uses the finest fabrics and triple stitching for durability.  They use a small amount of poly or lyca to add stretch and flexibility to their fabrics.

I would have to say that their clothes can be worn either in a yoga studio or paired up with everyday pieces to wear to the work place.


OmGirl make organic clothes using some of the finest materials in their fabrics like organic cotton velour, silk terry, and soft model.  They only use a very small amount of poly or lycra to give their fabric some stretch and flexibility.

OmGirl is made in the USA, based in Los Angeles, CA.

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