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Teeki Yoga Wear

I love clothes that are unique, fashionable and good for you.  Teekie is a fashion-forward company who got into the yoga and active-wear market a few years ago.  They design pants and leggings for yoga, running, gym workout and biking. 

Teekie Fashion

Teekie clothing are some of the most popular products on Amazon.  Especially, their "Clouds Yoga Hot Pant" and "Northern Lights Yoga Hot pant."  I personally, like their "Moon Dance Hot Pant."  Their designs are so attractive, it makes their product unique among other yoga pants.  You can't find anything like it in any department store or other yoga clothing stores.

Teekie makes hot yoga pants with super colorful and beautiful prints suitable for any activity - whether you are into yoga, hooping, or just out on the own.  Regardless of what you are doing you will certainly stand out from the crowd.  All eyes will be on you! 

Functional Design Features

Teeki pants are not only fashionable but they are, also, functional.  How functional are they?  Take a look at the design features.

  • Four-way stretch fabric
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Chafe Resistant
  • Breathable fabric
  • "Came toe" free

Also, you have the option for high or fold-over "low rise" waistband, which provides for added coverage and support.

Now, one thing to note here.

Some reviewers experienced their pant's fitting pretty snugly.  So, word of advise - if you are a between-sizes person, it's recommended that you order a size up.  For an example, if you are between a size small and medium, then it's best to order a medium size.


Yes, Teeki clothes are Eco-friendly. 

All of their yoga pants and leggings are made from recycled plastic bottles.  Yeah, that's right!  Recycled bottles.  How unique is that, Right?  It's amazing how the company helps you add color and style to your wardrobe, while keeping plastic bottles and trash out of the land fields and off the side of the streets.

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